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Flow chart of handy services

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  • Last updated:2020-07-24
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1、Oral complaints:
Ring the bell to file a complaint→ Accepting a complaint→ Informing the prosecutor’s investigator on duty to open a court session→ Preliminary inquiry→ Case assignment
2、Autopsy application procedure:
Accept request for autopsy→ Fill out request form for autopsy→ Report to the prosecutor for inspection→ Contact forensic doctor, clerk and driver→ Head to autopsy
3、Bail for the accused and commit the accused to the custody:
Contact guarantor→ Guide to conduct the bail→ Verification →Prosecutor’s approval→ Release
4、Daily fees and traveling expenses for witness:
Witness registration→ Issue application form of daily fees and traveling expenses for witness→ Verify the official signature or seal of the application form→ Pay the daily fees and traveling expenses.
5、Apply for commuting to a fine:
File an oral or written application to our office→ Report to the undertaking section and present certificate→ Make a written record of inquiry→ Verify→ Issue notice of paying a fine→ Paying a fine and get the receipt→ Report to the undertaking section and hand over the receipt→ Case closed

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